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The Fallibilities of Choice and Competition

Mill’s blacksmith example serves his argument well. But his argument for the sovereignty of free choice and competition in matters of social organization and production fails to account for the poor choices and biased competitive environments that often produce less than ideal results. In fact, socioeconomic prejudice remains as a potent and pernicious social ill long after the worst of codified sexism has been remediated, and the illness has been fueled as much by market forces and competition as by the inaction of government to meaningfully intervene in the disparities of wealth and opportunity that define a still openly classist society. Continue reading


Medical Expertise

As an aspiring physician, medical expertise is something I hope to progressively develop during medical school, internship and residency, fellowship training, and eventually, clinical practice. The knowledge base upon which this expertise will be built has already begun to be established, though the process has often seemed disjointed and the information, to varying degrees, sometimes … Continue reading

Medicine’s Professional Organization

The medical profession is organized as a rigidly delineated, legally mandated, and culturally reinforced pyramidal hierarchy within the larger hierarchical health services system. Advancement in the medical hierarchy is achieved in a number of ways. Pre-medical students just beginning their training must combine high academic achievement with competitive scoring on the standardized Medical College Admissions … Continue reading

Medicine’s Dilemma of Delivery

I believe in the right to health care, so the decision to participate in a system that insufficiently and inconsistently protects that right – that forces some to choose between needed care and financial ruin and leaves others without even that choice – was, for me, a difficult one. In deliberation, I was reminded that while all endeavors naturally inherit our human imperfections, they can also benefit from our determined, concerted efforts to improve their outcomes. I have observed firsthand, in the clinic and operating room, the awesome, fundamental good routinely delivered to patients in need, and it is something I deeply want to contribute to. The process of making the delivery of that good more humane, accessible, and efficient is, at least in part, dependent on the abilities of we physicians-in-training to see medicine for what it is now, and what it could be, with our vision and hard work, in the future. Continue reading

Amnesia, That Unremembered Country

I found myself, quite unexpectedly, staring down a hospital corridor, its white floor and ceiling and beige walls, now in recollection, bleached at their edges as if glimpsed through a thin cloud’s brief eclipse. Nurses and technicians walked purposefully past on unguessed errands, progressing, with each step, further into the frayed perimeter of my awareness. … Continue reading

Decision Strategy: Medical School Applications

The commendable Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Fee Assistance Program (FAP) provides financial assistance to those Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) examinees and American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) applicants without the financial resources required to complete the medical school application process. As one such applicant, I’m grateful that these resources are made available … Continue reading