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Human Hearing Loss

Human Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects as much as 5% of the global human population and its negative consequences, often exacerbated by cultural bias or distributive injustice, include delayed cognitive and language development, learning deficits and poor academic performance, chronic unemployment and dependency, poverty, elevated risk of harm and poor health. I conducted a review of open access journals and other freely available resources to identify the principal causes of hearing loss; its consequences for individuals, communities, and states; and potential interventions most appropriate for developing and low-resource countries where hearing loss is currently most prevalent and its burdens most egregious. Continue reading


  • Neglect is “a deficit in attention and awareness of one side of space”, usually the left side, contralateral to right-hemisphere damage (Wikipedia). It is caused by a problem in the brain, usually a lesion or damage from stroke, rather than a problem of sensation. That is, the eyes work fine, but the brain, because of physical damage to some critical area, fails to incorporate all the spatial and object information available into the model accessible by attention and conscious awareness. Put even more simply, some people with just the right kind of brain damage are unaware of ½ of the visual information being collected by their eyes.

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Welcome to my personal real-time repository of miscellanies encountered on the long path through medical training and beyond. I'm preoccupied with (and write about) topics across the breadth of the basic and clinical vision- and neurosciences, health systems development, and healthcare delivery, and I advocate the moral imperative and organizing principle of universal access to appropriate, humane, sustainable health services. Professionally, I'm progressing toward a career at the convergence of vision care and global health. All my work, unless otherwise labeled, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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  • Right-to-Try Laws March 5, 2015
    Some states have passed legislation intended to expand access to experimental treatments for patients with serious or life-threatening conditions.
  • Risk Corridors (Updated) February 19, 2015
    An amendment to the 2015 federal budget continuing appropriation raises a question: Will insurers receive their full 2014 risk corridor payments?
  • The Two-Midnight Rule January 22, 2015
    Hospitals are paid differently for treating inpatients versus outpatients. With a new rule, CMS has tried to clarify when it is appropriate to admit someone as an inpatient.
  • Reenrollment December 22, 2014
    During the second round of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act's insurance Marketplaces, insurers and policy makers have a new challenge: keeping last year's enrollees in the system.

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