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But for the lottery of birth: Poverty, Racism, and the Permanent Underclass

But for the lottery of birth: Poverty, Racism, and the Permanent Underclass

In Rosa Lee: A Generational Tale of Poverty and Survival, Leon Dash documents the fascinating, disturbing experiences of an extended black urban family struggling to survive the nearly inescapable circumstances of poverty, racism, ignorance, violence and abuse, addiction, and crime in Washington, D.C. during the second half of the twentieth century. Dash, now a professor … Continue reading


  • GDP is a poor measure of a society's well-being for several reasons. It potentially obscures gross inequality; it fails to reflect the externalities, the unpriced natural capital, and the social costs of classism inherent to the capitalist enterprise; and it reflects a fundamentally unsustainable economic system based on perpetual growth incompatible with the narrow conditional parameters necessary for human life on our frail and finite planet. The health, happiness, and well-being of actual human beings matters far more than the bottom lines of corporations or a nation-state's gross domestic production units consumed.
  • Neglect is “a deficit in attention and awareness of one side of space”, usually the left side, contralateral to right-hemisphere damage (Wikipedia). It is caused by a problem in the brain, usually a lesion or damage from stroke, rather than a problem of sensation. That is, the eyes work fine, but the brain, because of physical damage to some critical area, fails to incorporate all the spatial and object information available into the model accessible by attention and conscious awareness. Put even more simply, some people with just the right kind of brain damage are unaware of ½ of the visual information being collected by their eyes.

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  • Medicare Part D August 10, 2017
    Medicare Part D covers retail prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries through unique, stand-alone drug insurance plans.
  • Medicaid Best Price August 10, 2017
    The Medicaid best price policy requires drug manufacturers to give Medicaid programs the best price among nearly all purchasers.
  • Medicare Part B August 10, 2017
    The Medicare Part B "buy and bill" payment structure for physician-administered drugs also influences private-sector prices.
  • Veterans Health Administration August 10, 2017
    The Veterans Health Administration can often obtain very favorable prices for drugs and may be a model for Medicare and others.