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Incognito: an overview and critique

Incognito: an overview and critique

Neuroscientist David Eagleman begins his third book, Incognito: the secret lives of the brain, in panoramic Sagan-esque style, immediately striking a resonant harmony between lucidity and enthusiasm for the significance of his topic. The thesis? Human consciousness emerges from the physical attributes and activities of the brain, but is only a small part of the brain’s business; what else the brain is up to is normally inaccessible and mysterious, but our science, Eagleman asserts, is now uncovering its secrets. Continue reading


  • Neglect is “a deficit in attention and awareness of one side of space”, usually the left side, contralateral to right-hemisphere damage (Wikipedia). It is caused by a problem in the brain, usually a lesion or damage from stroke, rather than a problem of sensation. That is, the eyes work fine, but the brain, because of physical damage to some critical area, fails to incorporate all the spatial and object information available into the model accessible by attention and conscious awareness. Put even more simply, some people with just the right kind of brain damage are unaware of ½ of the visual information being collected by their eyes.

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